Condo Sales Centers. When an agent is trying to convey the best possible look into a home for the client and the building hasn't been built yet, the dynamic interactive signage system can show the space in a floor plan, give a look at the view, take them on a virtual tour and introduce potential buyers to their neighbors and neighborhood.

Model Homes. The model home digital sign solution is a great investment for a developer that may have many styles and floor plans that they could not possibly show in a physical home. A home's selections, colors, textures and many other options need to go into the home building process, but they're not all going to be physically available for a buyer to see. The Digital Signage systems solve this problem.

Existing Home Sales. These rely heavily on open houses and showing the property to prospective buyers. However, an agent may have many homes that they represent and can only be at one at a time, which is where a good digital signage message will come in very handy. Digital signage can present the neighborhood to a buyer as well as presenting information to many people at once. The signage is also a great investment that a real estate company can make for their sales office or other public spaces.

Rental Properties. Here, the system can display tenant information and advertise in a neighborhood. The Digital Signage system may also provide information on units available so the tenants may pass on the information or their guests may see it.

The same applies to industrial rental properties and offices, where a Digital Signage system also works great as a building directory.