The food service industry may have greater potential for digital signage than any other. The visual appeal of food and the impulse nature of the purchase make it the perfect combination. Promote specials in High Definition at breakfast and change the information by lunch and again for dinner. Say your not selling as many deserts as you would like to see. You can tell your wait staff to describe a succulent chocolate dish or you can show them in High Definition, you can imagine the difference of the impression.

Another example: Imagine your restaurant is serving a tilapia dish for their dinner special. By nine o’clock, the kitchen notifies one of the waitresses that they've run out of tilapia. However, the waitress gets distracted and forgets to tell the rest of the wait staff. Meanwhile, customers are continuing to place orders for the tilapia special, only to be told that the restaurant has run out. Not only are the customers not able to order the dinner they want, but now their service has been delayed one of many applications where a digital sign could be utilized to help with the atmosphere.

The most common example of Digital Signs in restaurant settings is the Digital Menu Board. The DMB allows you to select an item on the menu and edit it to whatever degree you see fit within seconds. If you have 1 or 100 signs you can update the content once and send it out to your screens with the push of one button. Saving time and money.