Digital Signage does not always have to be expensive.

Below are 2 of the top Open Source platforms to get you started. All you need is hardware and your good to go.



What is MediaSignage?

MediaSignage provides you with the tools necessary to create your very own Digital Signage solution that you can customize, brand and personalize to cater to your company’s needs. Best of all, you can develop against the public mediaCLOUD or against your own private mediaSERVER, so you don't have to bother with server side coding if you don't want to. With SignageStudio Lite you can fork the entire project and start coding your own SignageStudio lite right on GitHub. To Learn more click here.


What is Xibo?

Xibo is a software package which provides a high quality digital signage system for free! Digital signage is essentially any form of digital display, such as a TV, which is used for showing notices, public announcements, advertisements, etc.

There are an ever increasing number of software packages that do this job – Xibo sets itself apart in both functionality and cost (Xibo is completely free!). The people behind the Xibo project believe that the software used to display content shouldn’t break the bank and shouldn’t be inflexible, unwieldy or out of date – and we are happy that Xibo is none of these things.

Xibo is community driven and open source which means that if there is something you don’t like, you are completely free to change it (or to get it changed by the community).

How does it work?

Xibo is a “client/server” application – which means it comes in two parts.

The “Server”

The Xibo server is a PHP/MySQL web application which can run on Windows/Mac or Linux. It is the central administration interface for the display network (if its a network of 1, or 1000).

The server is used to upload content, design layouts, schedule content to the display and various other administration tasks.

The “Client”

A client is essentially a “display” (tv, projector, etc) which you will use to show content. Each client can have its own schedule of content and layout on screen. Xibo will run on a PC behind the screen, communicate with the Xibo server and display what its told. It will also report back exactly what has been displayed and for how long.

Learn more about Xibo by clicking here.  And remember digital signage requires hardware!