The new Corporate headquarters will be full of technology to engage not only those who work there but also its employees. Integrating Digital Signage application into the corporate environment is taking the world by storm. 

Interactive Whiteboards give your board room the high tech touch. Record your brainstorm sessions and that billion dollar idea. Depending on the solution you have a range of capabilities, some solutions such as the Samsung eBoard allow you to install a client side software on to company pc's. This will allow you to bring up data from other laptops to front and center.

Small scale digital signage placed outside of offices or boardrooms are great for displaying meeting times and schedules, even reserve the room from the sign when it is touchscreen. 

A screen placed in the lobby can reinforce your brand strength while displaying your message as your company grows. One strong point of digital signage in the corporate environment is employee education. When used effectively digital signage can be used as a training device to help your employees retain important sales techniques or marketing campaigns.

Companies are using digital signage for inter-company communications when you have branches all over the planet. You can use digital signage for training new employees with interactive GUI's or streaming media.